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COS’E’ C_Lab Veneto

C_Lab Veneto is a multidisciplinary cross-pollination project involving university students, graduates, PhD students, researchers, teachers, experts, professionals and companies.

The aim is to promote the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation,
interdisciplinarity and the dissemination of new learning models.

C_Lab Veneto is the place where talent becomes creative ideas and business solutions.


Uniting for this great training project:
the University of Padua and
the University of Verona


A six-month opportunity of Co-Working
and Co-Living
for creating and cultivating innovative ideas


University students, recent graduates
PhD students and researchers enrolled  
at the Universities of Padua and Verona

What we Offer

C_Lab Veneto offers an extracurricular experiential training course. In six months students can work as a team and live at the Mazza Campuses of Padua and Verona.

In C_Lab Veneto you will find:

  • Classroom training  with trainers and experts from different fields
  • Workshop and Focus Group with researchers, innovators and companies on emerging technologies and innovative services
  • Meetings with successful companies, start-ups and innovators  who have adopted creative solutions based on multidisciplinary approaches
  • Events and Training Courses  to meet specific training needs
  • Teamwork with other participants from different university/training paths to stimulate cross-pollination and multidisciplinary approaches

By choosing Co-Working you can follow the development of a Project based on your team’s creative ideas or from the needs and development ideas of companies you meet during the workshops.

By choosing the option of Co-Living, you will be able to acquire the experience that is missing from your résumé by becoming part of a 5-month Company Innovation Project that will bring you into contact with entrepreneurs and managers interested in your profile. Learn more about Co-Living at www.jobcampus.it.

The authors of at least two of the most promising and innovative ideas
will be able to prolong their stay at C_Lab Veneto and perfect their business idea.


The registration is open!

Download the tender and submit your application to become a C_Labber.

Project funded under the plan “Research and Innovation — FSC”
Director’s Decree no. 3158 of 29 November 2016 “Contamination LAB” – Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR)